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MechDesigner can model virtually any Cam Type that you may need in a machine or device.
Calculate Cam Profile Coordinates for Manufacture in many ways.

Good Cam Design improves performance.

Good Cam Design needs Cam Analysis of:

Barrel Cam profiles can be calculated by MechDesigner

MechDesigner can gene

MechDesigner models Globoidal cams with complete accuracy.

Good Motion Design is at the heart of good machine design

We believe at the heart of any well-designed machine, there will be good motion

Kinematic software solves geometric intersection equations which are fast and precise

 MechDesigner builds your

We find machine and mechanism design without an inverse kinematic capability is difficult and time consuming.  In fact, that is one of the main rea

Both forward and inverse kinematics can be combined to design a robot path

This example looks like a lamp!

MechDesigner has all the features to model complete machines and packaging.


Some mechanisms are very useful in packing machine simply because they move parts along a useful path.  We want to guide a pack along a path that a

Conjugate Cams eliminate backlash and reduce overall cam stress

When a disk cam drives a mechanism, there must be some way to make sure t