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Library File example

The Advantages of using Library-Files.

Reason 1: Library-Files save time.

You can add a Library File that is ‘oven-ready’ (just like the Brexit deal)!

To build kinematic models in MechDesigner, you must add the ‘fundamental’ elements and put them together for your particular design. Each kinematic element is compiled from a number of individual elements (as we call them).

The advantage we get when we build models with an 'individual element approach' is that you can reconfigure your assembly at any time should your design change.

  • For example, you can replace a pin-joint with a slide-joint, or you can move a motor to a different joint in the kinematic-chain.

The disadvantage is you must do a number of commands to build even the most basic kinematic-models, and this can take time.

  • For example, to add a shaft that is to be driven by a Motor, you must edit the Frame to define where you want to locate the shaft, add a Part for the shaft, add a joint to define the rotating axis, add a driving-dimension to define whether a part is free to rotate or is to be driven by a motion, add one or two elements that will define how the part will rotate, and finally configure the shaft axis as a driving axis.

With Library-Files, we suggest you have the best of both worlds: you can quickly add a Library-File that is predefined as a Rotating-Axis. A Design-Set is provided with the model so that you can modify its position.

In this way, a Library-File is like a Macro that has been recorded for you.

Reason 2: Library-Files reduce mistakes

It is often the case that a company has a particular type of machine design that they configure for many of their sales and applications. Their machines employ common modules that they re-apply.

Library-Files can include only those company designs that a designer should use and modify. The Library File can be prepared with a Design-Set to make sure the designer edits only those parameters that should be modified.

Reason 3: Training

A number of files can be prepared in sequence for the trainee to help improve their understanding of building models with MechDesigner..

Each Library File includes a text file that can be read by the trainee that explains how they can use the Library File and whether it has any limitations.