Submitted by KevinS on Fri, 15/11/2019 - 15:13

MechDesigner models Globoidal cams with complete accuracy.

Globoidal Cams combine great strength and stiffness with compactness. MechDesigner will calculate the Globoidal cam profile to machine accuracy (no approximations).  The data can then be sent to SolidWorks directly.  SolidWorks provides a STEP file for manufacture.  We have tested the accuracy of the profile in SolidWorks - it is better than a micron. You can be confident that the complex surface of the Globoidal Cams is exactly as it needs to be.

Other names for Globoidal Cams are Ferguson and Roller Gear Drives. Remember, you can use any motion you want from MotionDesigner.

Globoidal cam design using MechDesigner