MechDesigner and MotionDesigner Training Courses

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MechDesigner Training Courses

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Application-Specific / Tailored



  • User-interface, efficient use of the mouse, editing options and techniques
  • Adding construction geometry vs geometry for solid modelling,
  • Adding Joints and Parts, Adding coincident Joints.
  • Mechanism - basic design principles, DOF, DYADS, Closures.
  • How to make sure the model is feasible.
  • Mechanism Analysis Tools
  • Motion Design - first principles: 'standard' and 'traditional' motion laws.
  • Cams Design and Basic Analysis Tools - first principles, rotating cams, different follower motions and shapes.
  • Gears - Gear-Pairs, Gear-Trains; Pulleys - define Belt-Length, Belt and Pulley Tooth Pitch
  • Rack-Pinions Pinion Size, Module; Ball-Screws: Pitch, Diameter
  • Force analysis: Mass and Inertia Properties,
  • Design Sets - Dimensions
  • Import and Export Data.


  • More complex uses of construction geometry, Blend-Curves, Splines, Trace-Points
  • Importing Sketches from SOLIDWORKS, Import DXF, convert to MD sketch-geometry.
  • 2-DOF Freedom Mechanisms, Planar Guidance.
  • Inverse-Kinematics - with design-checks.
  • Motion-Paths, Blend-Curves, Robotic Motion Guidance.
  • Magnetic-Joints
  • Importing Points Clouds, Reverse-Engineering, Motion Improvement
  • Model and Design Analysis


  • Spatial modelling techniques.
  • Robotic actuators.
  • Advanced force applications and understanding.
  • Motion as a function of another motion.
  • 3D-Cams: Barrel, Cylindrical, Globoidal, Scrolls [Feed-screws], Indexing, Oscillating
  • Patterning: Spatial and Timed Patterning for Machine modelling.
  • Cam Analysis and Cam Data Coordinates for Manufacturing,
  • Lifetime Analysis of Cam and Follower.
  • Advanced Motion Design and Optimization.
  • Workarounds for unusual mechanisms.

Application-Specific and Tailored:

  • We can sign your Non-Disclosure Agreements and tailor a course to your design requirements.
  • We will prepare a course to help you design and optimize a series of interacting mechanisms.

All Courses are in the UK, or remotely with Teams.