Submitted by KevinS on Fri, 15/11/2019 - 14:20
Kinematic software solves geometric intersection equations

Kinematic software that compiles your design into a fast and precise structure

 You add parts and joints, and MechDesigner compiles your assembly into very efficient kinematic structures. YOU do not need to worry about the structure.

  • MechDesigner compiles your mechanism design into a structure that includes Motion-Parts, Dyads (or Assur Groups), Gears, Pulleys, etc.
  • In the compiled form, MechDesigner can apply closed-form, algebraic solutions
  • If MechDesigner cannot compile your particular mechanism design into a closed-form solution, then it applies a slower, numerical solution. However, it VERY unlikely that MechDesigner cannot compile your mechanism. It is more likely that your design has too many joints and/or parts.

The advantages of compiling your design are:

  • Computational speed - fast and accurate - with a tolerance equal to computer machine accuracy
  • Kinematic closures - when you model mechanisms with other 3D-CAD you will find your mechanisms flip into different configurations (closures) in a random way.  MechDesigner lets YOU decide which kinematic closure you want. Then, the closure is fixed (unless YOU want a different closure) throughout the machine cycle AND each time you open the model.
  • Computational overhead: - as you add new mechanisms to your model, each new mechanism is small.
  • Synchronization - it does not matter how fast you want to simulate your design, all parts in all of the mechanisms are always synchronized EXACTLY to a master machine 'clock'.
  • Small Steps - you can increment the model through a machine cycle with tiny steps, and get EXACT kinematic data for each micro-step. With other CAD, there is a minimum step size before the kinematic-data updates.

These advantages become more important and obvious to you, as your model becomes more complex, with more kinematic chains, and more machine elements.

Remember -

  • YOU get EXACT and FAST solutions
  • YOU are in control of the design
  • MechDesigner does all the hard work for you.