Submitted by KevinS on Fri, 15/11/2019 - 14:20
Kinematic software solves geometric intersection equations

Kinematic software solves geometric intersection equations which are fast and precise

 MechDesigner builds your assembly into very efficient kinematic forms( geometric intersection equations ).  This means that the simulation, rather than animation, is precise and exact. 

You can be sure the that when you want to simulate your machine cycling at production speed, then the kinematic data, such as position, velocity and acceleration of any point in a mechanism link will be precisely known.

  • MechDesigner recognizes and compiles the structure of mechanism continually
  • In compiled form, it applies closed form algebraic solutions to your mechanism, this makes it fast!!!
  • If you supply a mechanism that it can't find the form to, then it applies a slower optimization type solver
  • Closed form solutions are very accurate
  • Kinematic data can be obtained for any point in the model

The advantages of solving the geometric equations directly are:

  • Computational speed ( fast and consistent, tolerance is computer machine accuracy )
  • Fixed closures.  You may notice that when you model mechanisms using 3D CAD that the mechanism flips or changes closure randomly.  In fact MechDesigner can distinguish closure and let you chose exactly which one you want, then once chosen will not deviate; ever.