Submitted by AdamP on Sun, 13/03/2022 - 15:32

What’s New?

Transition Curves for Smooth Chain Drives.

We have developed an invention by Professor John Rees-Jones to create smooth chain drives.  This completely eliminates chordal or polygonal action.  The angular velocity of the sprocket transfers velocity to the chain linearly.  Chain drives can now have as few as 4 teeth and still produce smooth velocity transmission.

Cam and Roller Lifetime Estimates.

We have improved the lifetime calculations for cams and rollers.  We have adapted the ISO 6336 for use with Cams and use the ISO281 standard for the Cam Rollers.  We have also enlarged the Cam roller database to include more manufacturers.

Cam Data output

We have also significantly improved the Cam Data Output Function Block.  This now includes full cam step outputs for disc, groove and conjugate cams plus numerous other enhancements.

More Step File output options.

All extruded solids, sprockets, etc. can now be exported as a step file.