PSMotion Ltd. was established in 2004 by and Adam W Peacock and Dr. Kevin J Stamp. Expertise: 'Design and Improve the Performance of Multi-axis Packaging, Textile, and Assembly Machines, Cam Mechanisms, and Motion-Designs'. Developers of MechDesigner, world-leading Cam, Mechanism, and Motion Design Software for Multi-Axis Machines.

MotionDesigner:  released 2006

Vision: Motion Design software that gives the most comprehensive and flexible design tool for multi-axis machines. Motion Design Software that provides unique capabilities and design opportunities.

MechDesigner:  released 2011

Vision: Software to provide all the motion, mechanism, and cam design tools a machine design engineer needs for packaging, assembly, and textile machine design. To visualize complete machine models, with as many cams and mechanisms as the machine. To provide all kinematic, force, and torque data that is needed to make the best possible design decisions and so be able to design the best machines.

Company Directors


Dr Kevin Stamp

Dr Kevin Stamp


Sales and Technical Support

Kevin Stamp started his career in the Merchant Navy with a 4-year Apprenticeship.  He left to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in High-Speed Packaging Machinery at the Mechanisms and Machines Group, Liverpool John Moores University.  Here, he developed his passion for mechanisms, kinematics, and motion design. 

He joined Unilever and a new group focused on the performance improvement of packaging machinery.  He spent some time in India where he was responsible for Technology Transfer to the Hindustan Lever Limited Engineering Manufacturing Unit in Kolhapur. He also spent four years in the USA at a Packaging Design and Machinery Technology Centre. 

Returning, he developed new machine concepts and was responsible for supervising and sponsoring PhDs at King's College London. He also belonged to the King's College London Industrial Advisory Group. 

He left and joined Adam Peacock in his new company to develop a radical new machine concept that would reconfigure a supply chain for an FMCG product, to give massive supply chain savings.

Kevin has a number of patents.

In 2010 he had a cycling accident which left him paralyzed from T3 (arms) downwards.

Adam Peacock

Adam Peacock - Director - PSMotion



Adam Peacock started his career with Unilever, and quickly become a star development engineer turning his hand to emerging digital measurement technologies such as signal processing, machine 'fingerprinting', machine continuous monitoring and reliability, machine vibration and control.

With this, he developed an in-depth knowledge of machine-material interactions, with deep mathematical understanding of physical phenomena. For example, developed the technology to fill toothpaste tubes at exceptional speeds by combining his understanding the physical capabilities of machines, fluid dynamics and rheological properties of toothpaste.

He was responsible for the success of many machine performance improvement programs - both of existing installed machines and new developments - with global significance. 

He invented a new machine and manufacturing concept for the combined manufacture and fill of laminate tubes. He was the main protagonist for a new company, backed by venture capital, that would apply this new concept to reduce supply-chain costs significantly. 

Adam has a number of patents.

Adam is also the software developer for MechDesigner and MotionDesigner.

Professor John Rees Jones

Professor John Rees Jones

Consultant and Advisor

John Rees Jones started his career as an indentured apprentice engineer with Paton Calvert & Co Ltd Manufacturers in Liverpool. There he became a designer draughtsman in press tooling and specialist machines. John then served a two-year period of National Service in the British Army (REME). After successfully completing the training period he was appointed as a Leading Artisan Sergeant and took a posting to lead the Armament and General Section of a REME workshop in support of the gunnery activities of a Royal Artillery (AA) Regiment.

Then his career progressed at Liverpool Polytechnic (now Liverpool John Moores' University), where he developed a strong interest in the Theory of Machines, Machine Tool Dynamics and Automatic Control. He established the Mechanisms and Machines Group there. The Group’s remit was to provide both a practical and a research environment for academic staff and students and researchers to study. He developed new courses, up to and including the M.Sc. in Machine Design. He has supervised more than 20 Ph.D.s and dozens of M.Sc. dissertations. The Group also provided consultancy to machine makers and users, generally with the object of improving dynamic performance and reliability. In1989 the title of Professor at Liverpool Polytechnic was conferred upon him.

He also collaborated as an Adjunct Research Professor at the ‘University of Florida, Center for Intelligent Machines and Robotics’. Similar collaborative ties were formed as Visiting Professor at the University of Sunderland and with University of Sheffield (Electrical Machines) and University of Yamanashi Japan (Robotics). He has continually written, co-written and reviewed research papers on machine design, automatic machine control, as well as edited books on his subject.

A Chartered Engineer and active Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, John had previously served and later been Chairman of the I.Mech.E. Committee for Solid Mechanics and Machine Systems. He has also contributed in the work of the Editorial Committee for the I.Mech.E. Journal for Systems and Control Engineering as well as The Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science.

In partnership with George Rooney, he developed Camlinks, the forerunner of MechDesigner. Latterly, he also acted as a consultant for Machine Systems, chiefly with Unilever Research.


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