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PSMotion Ltd is the developer of the world-leading machine design software - MechDesigner - the best software for cam, mechanism, and motion design of multi-axis machines. You can use MechDesigner to build, with confidence, the best possible packaging, assembly, and textile machines.

You can download a fully-loaded 14-day trial to get started today. In the longer term, you can decide which tools best suit your design requirements, and we can update your installed software copy to suit, hassle-free to you (and us!).

You can also engage us at any stage of your machine design to quickly build your models, and, additionally, use all of our Motion-Design and Cam-Design expertise to give you the best possible machine performance within your design constraints.

In addition to buying MechDesigner, we offer:

  • Training - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level to get the most from MechDesigner
  • Model Creation - we prepare models for you in a way that makes it easy for you to optimize the design for your product specifications
  • Design Optimization - we prepare models for a new or existing design AND we optimize the design to give the best-possible machine performance
  • Design Consultancy - we offer clean-sheet design options for an existing design problem or specification

You can also choose to engage us at any stage of your machine design, using MechDesigner, or bespoke design and consultancy services.

Beat the competition with a design that will operate faster, jam less, and with reduced maintenance.


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  • Cam, Mechanism, and Motion-Design Software - model complex interacting mechanisms, with inverse-kinematics or forward-kinematics.
  • Analysis of all kinematic and force vectors, for all machine parts, including cam analysis parameters, over complete operating cycles.
  • Scrutinize motion interactions between tooling and package, product, or packaging.
  • Show your machine model cycling with all axes, synchronized to a single axis - just click 'cycle', or 'micro-step.'

You can edit, update, and instantly observe changes, as the model continuously cycles, synchronized to a machine 'clock'.  This working environment allows you to design a machine with optimal operating performance. You can collate important design parameters and their limits into one dialog, so you, or others, can review and edit your design at any time in the future.


As you edit a motion, mechanism, or cam parameter, our software instantly updates all related parameters for real-time analysis. You can continually review all of the important design parameters.


You can, as you optimize each design parameter:

  • Play: to watch the model cycle over and over again
  • Micro-inch: tiny steps to focus on the critical phases of the machine-cycle
  • Jog [step]: fixed number-of-degrees, at an angle of your choice.
  • Jump: enter a 'go-to' machine angle
  • Drag: backward and forwards to review the machine interactions over and over again.


... the art of compromise.

MechDesigner allows you to optimize your machine before manufacture. In addition to making sure parts do not collide[!], you must make sure velocities, accelerations, pressure-angles, cam contact-stresses, bearing loads, motor torques, and all other important design variables and criteria, are reviewed over a complete machine cycle.

Use any number of graphs to simultaneously analyze all machine design criteria and performance characteristics.

For example, you might edit your design to reduce Hertzian Contact Stress on one cam, at one point in the machine cycle, but at the same time, you increase the Radius-of-Curvature of the same or a different cam at a different point in the machine cycle. It is easy to plot any design variable of a complete machine cycle and continuously review the values.

When the machine model is running as you want, you can export all data for cam manufacture, in a number of formats - from STEP, DXF, to an ASCI file as Points or Biarcs.


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