Inverse-Kinematics and Forward-Kinematics: Mechanism and Linkage Design, Analysis and Simulation.

Our mechanism and linkage design, analysis and simulation software, will build your mechanisms equally well with Forward-Kinematics and Inverse-Kinematics. You simply add Parts, Joints and Motions in an intuitive way. Design the motion for the most important element that in the mechanism - usually the tool or end-effector for inverse-kinematics or the cam or servomotor for forward-kinematics - MechDesigner will recognize the mechanism and linkage and make sure it behaves exactly as you want.

You can:

  • Design virtually any useful Planar and Spatial Mechanism
  • Add as many linkages and mechanisms as you need or want.
  • Analyze all kinematic data: linear and angular displacement, velocity and acceleration of or between any Parts
  • Analyze the motion of all parts and joints in your mechanism, from parts that guide the tooling [for inverse-kinematics], to those that drive the linkage [for forward-kinematics].
  • Add a linear or angular motion to a part and then add more parts and joints
  • Design parametric planar and spatial motions [X, Y, Z]
  • Design smooth paths you want your tooling to follow, and design the motion for the tooling along that path - you can edit the path and the motion at any time.
  • Continue to add parts and joints - just follow a few simple rules
  • Add a Mechanism to any fixed or moving Plane - you can then add any number of linkage to that plane.
  • Add most kinematic elements, such as Gears, Racks, Belts, Pulleys, Springs, and inertia for force analysis
  • And much more - see MechDesigner Features here for more details.

You will find with MechDesigner you can simulate and analyze your mechanisms and linkages quickly and efficiently, saving you time, money and effort.

MechDesigner solves the kinematics quickly with fast and extremely efficient, closed-form algorithms that solve for all positions, velocities and accelerations and forces for all parts. Because MechDesigner has fast, closed-form algorithms, you will be amazed at how quickly you can innovate and watch a simulation cycling at machine-like speeds.

When you need multi-link mechanisms that interact, which are typical of packaging machines, we would say that Inverse-kinematics is the ONLY way to design mechanisms successfully.

You can test MechDesigner's kinematic analysis and simulation yourself, just download a free 30-day trial.


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Motion, Mechanism, Linkage Simulation Software

MechDesigner motion, mechanism and linkage simulation software can simulate and analyze all mechanical devices and machines. Try it before you buy it with a free 30-day trial. Download Now. Easily add parts, joints, gears, belts, pulleys, springs, racks, and more. Analyse all kinematic and force data of all parts and joints, and machine components.

Cam Design & Analysis

Cam Design Software. Design and analysis of all cams: including barrel, globoidal, conjugate, cylindrical, plate, groove, and more. Free 30-day trial. Analyze design parameters: Pressure Angle, Radius of Curvature, Contact Force, Contact Stress. Export cam profiles for manufacture: DXF, STEP, and text files, of points and biarcs.

Robot Design Software

Robot Design Software: Model Pick & Place, SCARA, Delta, Gantry, Pantograph, Planar Guidance Mechanism Robots. Download MechDesigner today for a free 30-day trial.

Mechanism Design Software

Mechanism Design Software must be able to design mechanisms as well as Cam Design and Motion Design. You can design any mechanism, which may include only parts and joints, but you can easily add servos, cams, gears [simple gears, racks, bevels], belts with pulleys, all with complex motions. There might be one input or many. The mechanism design can be planar or spatial. You can design all of the mechanisms in a machine at the same time so that you can see all of the important mechanism interactions. You can even add the packaging to the model and design it as a mechanism.

MotionDesigner: Motion Design for Machines and Mechanisms

Motion Design is integrated with MechDesigner as a standalone tool - which we call it MotionDeisgner. MotionDesigner is a powerful motion design editor. You can edit and simultaneously update the motions to the mechanism design and cam design in your MechDesigner model - on-the-fly. In this way, you can scrutinize your motion design as a graph in MotionDesigner, and simultaneously scrutinize the same motion moving in your MechDesigner model of your machine.

Kinematics Analysis and Simulation Software

Kinematic Analysis and Simulation is a key strength of MechDesigner Software. You can design, any mechanism using Inverse-Kinematics or Forward-Kinematics. MechDesigner has fast, closed-form algorithms, you will be amazed at how quickly you can innovate and watch a simulation cycling at machine-like speeds. Start your free 30-day trial today.