MechDesigner 14 - Getting Started Tutorials: Part 2 - Add a Cam

This video is Part 2 in a series of tutorials that will help you get started with MechDesigner 14.

'Part 2 -Add a Cam'. It describes in detail how to add a simple rotating Cam.

We start by editing the Crank-Slider so that the Crank moves with a motion [from MotionDesigner] rather than rotate continuously. We might then call that mechanism a 'Rocker-Slider' rather than a 'Crank-Slider'. WE delete wires from Function-Blocks and add a new Motion Function-Block [FB]. We then add wires so that the rotating Part moves the motion.

We then add a Cam-Shaft [another Crank], the Cam-Roller, and finally the 2D-Cam.

See also Part 1 - Add a Crank-Slider.

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