Getting Started Tutorial: Part 1 - Crank-Slider

This video is Part 1 in a series of tutorials that will help you get started with MechDesigner 14.

'Part 1 - Crank-Slider' describes in detail how to add a simple Crank-Slider Mechanism. A Crank-Slider mechanism - or at least the same kinematic elements - is often found in Packaging, Assembly, and Textile Machines.

The mechanism is on a 'plane'. Many mechanisms in real machines are considered to be planar. We show you how to add a new Mechanism-Editor to a Plane.

We then add Parts, Pin-Joints [Revolute Joints], Slide-Joints [Prismatic-Joints] and also how to add Function-Blocks so that you can move the mechanism. In this video, the Crank rotates continuously with a constant angular velocity.

See Part 2 - Add a Cam.

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