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''Firstly, the support offered by PSMotion is second to none. We talk directly with the people that actually write the software - not a reseller - so, if you have a problem, these guys CAN do something about it.

Secondly, the PSMotion guys know mechanisms, cams, and motion, inside out and know what you, as a machine designer, need to do to get the best from them. They developed MechDesigner to make the job of cam and motion design as painless as possible.

MechDesigner allows us to define the end motion of any mechanism without having to work back through the various linkages and mechanisms to the cam or servo. We can make the tooling move exactly how we want and let MechDesigner worry about the cam shape or the Torque/Speed capacity of a servo-motor needed to achieve that movement.

SOLIDWORKS just won't do this for us. In SOLIDWORKS we'd have to set up a model of the mechanism and work out the high and low points on the cam manually, then use the 'cams' module in the Tools menu to define a cam shape that takes into account the high and low points. We then have to put this shape into the model and try to get SOLIDWORKS to follow it without the mates flipping. If the shape is not doing as we expected we then have to create the whole cam again.

MechDesigner lets you modify your the model, as you cycle the model, on-the-fly, and therefore, we can see the results as we make changes, without the frustration of mates flipping and turning the model inside out - something that every SOLIDWORKS user has experienced.

It's also incredibly useful to be able to review and export all design data to use in other calculations, if needed.

If you are in the business of machinery design and you regularly design mechanisms, cams, motions, as well as size servo-motors, then you will find MechDesigner very powerful.''

 - Lee Wright, AMP-Rose.

A.M.P-Rose is one of the world's leading suppliers of processing and packaging machines for the chocolate, confectionery, candy, biscuit, and wafer industries. They supply new as well as used and rebuilt confectionery machines of many types. MechDesigner has been used to model and improve the performance of an existing machine that they rebuild.