At PSMotion, we want our customer to make the best possible purchase decision. Therefore, we recommend you take advantage of our free trial download so that you can 'try-before-you-buy'.

We assume, therefore, that you know what you will be buying and agree to its price. You should be able to design enough in the 30-day trial to know whether MechDesigner is appropriate for your design requirements.

Once you have bought MechDesigner, therefore, you must request a refund within 30-days of your purchase.

You should explain what the problem is and why you want to return the product, and include your order#, name, e-mail address and the product key. You will find the order# and the product key in the purchase confirmation e-mail. You will be asked to sign a letter of destruction and return it (attached to an email). Once your refund request has been reviewed, we receive the Letter of Destruction, and we approve the refund; we will refund the amount paid, less the fees we incur by using the electronic banking services. We will contact you by email to confirm the refund process has been initiated. Your refund will be transferred to the bank from which we received the original payment - with the Reference 'PSMotion Software'

Your software Product-Key will be invalidated on our server and associated services will not be accessible anymore.

We expect you to destroy all files, which you have not copied or saved in any other way.

If there is simply a bug, then you will allow us to correct the bug.

Of course, we would prefer to resolve any of your concerns quickly. If you have found a bug that prevents you from completing a design, then we will try to release a new 'build' within days of your initial communication, which we can make available for download. If the bug is a more fundamental problem, then we will aim to release a solution as a 'beta' release for you that solves the problem.  We would work on this for release as soon as possible.