Yes.  MechDesigner can produce cam designs and cam data in three ways. 

  • The first outputs cam profile X,Y data in equal increments of machine angle.  This is satisfactory for most cams to be made. However, you do not know the chordal error that will be introduced by the interpolation of the NC/CNC cutting machine. This might become an issue with cams that are especially large - such as cams around filling machines.  However, you can produce cams with up to 100,000 points. 
  • The second outputs cam data X,Y points at intervals that give a constant chordal error assuming a linear interpolation.  This means that if your application requires greater precision you can be sure that your cam profile will meet your specification.  You will generally find that you can generate fewer points than the first method.
  • You can also save the Cam to a DXF File.
  • MechDesigner can download Cams to SolidWorks.  There you will be able to save your Cams to any format you like for manufacture.