Submitted by wd4tuk on Fri, 15/11/2019 - 13:20
modelling carton erection using MechDesigner

Carton Erection modeling with parallelogram proportioned, four bar mechanisms

Sometimes pack forming processes like carton erection can be understood better if the panels of the carton can be modeled as a mechanism.  This is possible in MechDesigner.

This is useful because the order in which panels are opened is modeled and therefore defined and:

  • the type of tooling required to effect a panel close can be identified readily, especially if the motion of the case through the machine is modeled
  • the quality of interaction between the tooling and the case panels can be assessed

The example model shows the order in which a pre-glued case can be erected.  Four panels of the case are modeled as a parallelogram four-bar.  Each folded panel has a motion attached which describes completely how the case can be erected.  The goal is to erect and load the case with product and seal without panels clashing in shortest time and smallest space.