Submitted by wd4tuk on Fri, 15/11/2019 - 13:14
animation speed control and machine position control

Animation Speed Control and Machine Position Control are both with a simple 'Drag' Slider

MechDesigner is the only software that has a simple slide bar that allows you to speed up or slow down the full kinematic 3D Design Simulation and Animation.  You can cycle far faster than you can view. You can also, of course, increment the motion synchronized 3D model, step-by-step, using as many step increments per machine cycle as you like.  Oh, by the way, forget any thought of "frames-per-second".  MechDesigner, uses "cycles-per-minute".  MechDesigner, is the only off-the-shelf mechanical cad software that simulates with full kinematic modeling.  It is CAD that is 'Designed to Move'.

  • Animation Speed Control - simple slider to drag to speed up or slow down the machine animation
  • Animation Position Control - another simple slider bar to position your machine anywhere you want in the machine cycle.
  • Kinematic Speed Control - one entry will determine the machine simulation speed to give exact Kinematic data like accelerations and velocities
  • Flexible unit selection - you can chose from a number of engineering units.