Submitted by KevinS on Fri, 15/11/2019 - 16:01
Cam type examples

MechDesigner can model virtually any Cam Type that you may need in a machine or device.

MechDesigner capable of modellling virtually all cam types

Cams and Cam-Followers that are:

  • Rotating
  • Sliding
  • Stationary
  • 'Floating' Parts, or non-grounded Parts - such as a 'coupler'

The shape of a Cam-Followers can be any geometric shape.

  • Standard Followers are: Circular (Cylindrical for Globoidal Cams) and Flat-Faced
  • Non-Standard Shapes are: Lozenge and 'Boat'

The 'Standard' Cam and Cam-Followers arrangements are obviously possible.

  • Rotating Drive Motion with Swinging Arm / Lever Follower
  • Rotating Drive Motion with Translating Linear  Output
  • Linear Drive Motion with Swinging Arm / Lever Follower
  • Linear Drive Motion with Translating Linear Follower Output
  • Stationary Plate Cam with Swinging Arm Follower

Cam Types:

  • Plate or Flat Cam - with swinging and translating follower
  • Conjugate Cams (internal or external, rib or track - with swinging and translating follower)
  • Stationary Plate and Linear Cams with swinging and translating follower
  • Barrel Cam: with swinging and translating arm follower
  • Globoidal Cam: with swinging and translating arm follower


  • Pitch Centre Path for Circular Cam-Followers
  • Internal and  external coordinates of cam-follower contact point
  • Number-of-Points:
    • 20 to 2,000,000 points - useful for large or even enormous Labeler or Filling Machine Cams.
  • Points at:
    • Equal 'machine angle' steps, or
    • Use an algorithm of 'maximum chordal error' to minimizes the number of unnecessary points in the data file
  • Data Format:
    • Text
    • DXF output
    • SolidWorks Part File Generation for Globoidal and Barrel Cams - directly from MechDesigner. Just watch your Barrel or Globoidal Cam be transferred from MechDesigner to SolidWorks with just three mouse clicks.
    • Flat Cams - transfer Internal, External and Pitch Circle Path to SolidWorks.